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"... imperfection is the prerequisite for grace. Light only gets in through the cracks." (Philip Yancy from What's So Amazing About Grace?)

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Two secretaries retired today. One had this incredible positive energy about her and practiced Buddhism. She was always cracking jokes and giving hugs and bringing life to what is, in my opinion, a gray and emotionless place (aka: a law firm). The other never forgot my birthday the entire time we’ve worked together and always had a beautiful birthday card sitting at my desk. The unarguably most dependable secretary in our department, she has earned our respect through actions alone. Oh, and by the way, she’s a lesbian and has been with her partner for over 20 years. Is it sad to say that, aside from my own family, the few encounters that I have had with what I feel were near perfect examples of human love, happiness, and consideration are from people who do not belong to the church?

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"There are 3 reasons why I use Facebook: 1) When I want others to see how awesome my life is, 2) When I need to find out what my ‘friends’ are doing that I’m not, and 3) Hearing the sound of my own voice in the form of a status update." -admitted no one ever.

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People need to stop making a habit of over using an ellipsis. Nothing confuses me more when there is an ellipsis following every response. What does that even mean??? Are you trying to make every bit of this conversation awkward??? Why are you unintentionally (or intentionally…) involving my emotions??? Just stop…

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i hate to say this, but ever since i invited my coworker to join my walks, ive really begun to dread going on them. she’s so ssslllooooowwww… and now i can’t go by myself because she’ll ask why i didn’t ask her to join me. what makes me feel so awful is that she loves these walks… like she’ll constantly be asking when should we walk again? i felt like i needed to send this dilemma to the “dear abby” column, but now that i’ve written this down, it all just sounds so petty and insignificant. my brain is now telling me to: SUCK IT UP or go walk in secret, jeez.

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I must have not gone to Costco in a long time ‘cuz people have taken eating samples to a whole new level. I stood by the sausage sample station and I’ll say it for everyone who goes to Costco, any meat sampling station far exceeds any other sample station there is. As the lady sets out a new batch of sausage samples, the vultures swoop in out of nowhere and gobble them up. Many take 2 and get this, THEY EAT BOTH OF THEM. No kid to give the other sample to, just both itty bitty slices of sausage being plopped into their awaiting mouths. I was standing by my cart, trying to look discrete as I didn’t want to look too eager, but NEVERMIND ‘cuz people don’t care. I had to wait two rounds before I was able to grab ahold of a sausage and by then I had learned my lesson. I grabbed my cart, hogged the sausage station, and went away with ONE sausage, but no feeling of victory, friends. It’s a whole ‘nutha battlefield out there and I hate to admit it, but I just wasn’t ready for it.

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My mom has something to say about everything that I do or don’t do. I’ve started preempting her corrections, but I still somehow end up hearing a thing or two about how I’m still doing it wrong. Now I’ve gotten into the habit of pre-cringing. I know one day I’ll miss her nagging me, but right now, I’m sorry, but hell hath no fury like mine.

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I wish we could sometimes love the characters in real life as we love the characters in romances. There are a great many human souls whom we should accept more kindly, and even appreciate more clearly, if we simply thought of them as people in a story.

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ooh. This is very true.

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So true.

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